Our name ‘Cantinetta’ means little wine cellar in Italian. For us, this is the perfect name for our restaurant as it celebrates one of our two biggest passions, wine. The other is of course food, great, simple, Italian food.

I’m Bruno, the owner.  I come from the southernmost region of Italy, Calabria, a small town called Castrovillari. Homecooked food has always been a huge part of my family’s life. We would all come together every lunch and dinner to enjoy a delicious feast which my Nonna Ines had spent the entire day preparing. 
We would eat seasonally so there was always an abundance of fresh, tasty ingredients. My region is famous for its spicy and robust cuisine, and you will see throughout the menu that we’ve included plenty of this.
Our chefs and sous chef are also from Italy and we’ve included dishes that have been firm favourites for them growing up. I am the son of a pasticcera so a love of Italian deserts is a given. We will be serving you our favourite Italian classics, most of which are our Mamma’s recipes that we are sure you are going to love.
I grew up in an area with many small family run wine producers. Most working on just a handful of hectares. In my experience these smaller producers are more likely to transmit that special kind of quality that makes a wine special: a sense of place, a certain flavour or feeling that only comes from that vineyard. We wanted to bring this quality here to you at Cantinetta and that’s why we have chosen small producers.  We hope our selected wines paired with our favourite Italian recipes will give you a well-rounded, authentic dining experience.

Ciao for now and Buon Appetito